Hello and Welcome to Carol's Property Solutions. We are dedicated to helping landlords nationwide with their property problems.

We specialise in giving landlords with a property burden their time back.

We give landlords an income which is guaranteed for several years, invest in their property and rent out the property for them, taking over the responsibility of maintaining the property, marketing and vetting tenants, looking after deposits and managing the property. We also take responsibility for voids and maintenance, giving landlords a hands-free, stress-free guaranteed income for several years, with no further time obligations. An overview of our service is given below:

  • A guaranteed rental income over a period of several years. No more dealing with letting agents, tenants, ASTs. The rent would be guaranteed whether the rooms are occupied or not.
  • Guaranteed maintenance. Your property will be looked after and cared for by us.
  • Peace of mind. You can sit back and know that you are renting your property to someone who understands how it works.
  • High quality property. Where necessary, your property will be refurbished to a high standard at no cost to you.
  • Maintained value. Investing in your property means that your asset hold its value and is working for you.
  • Income. The property would be providing you with a stable income. No more void periods or empty properties.
  • Purchase possible. A purchase price for the property can be arranged taking into account the current market value. For multiple properties, the sales can be staggered over several years to maximise your capital gains allowance.
  • Quick decision. No need to pay agency fees.

If you are interested in knowing how we can help you free up your time, and guarantee you a rental income over several years, then please get in touch.