About Us

We are a husband and wife property investment team which utilises our different skillsets to create a unique and complete investing package.


An avid sewer, Carol is the creative one with an eye for design and a desire to create warm and comfortable living spaces. A qualified biologist, she spent her corporate life working for a pharmaceutical company before supporting her family when it expanded to include two children. German born and a German native speaker, she also speaks fluent English and French. Carol is a keen gardener and loves pottering around in the garden when the sun is out.


Steve has a head for systems, legal conformity and the law. He was originally a vehicle engineer, obtaining two engineering degrees, one in his native UK and one in Germany, and has worked at such places as Lotus Engineering, Porsche in Weissach, Germany, and at the European Patent Office in Munich. He utilises his systems skills to create effective management environments for investment properties, be them self-owned or managed for other people. He is a keen mountain biker and an even keener Taekwondo student, currently holding a grading of 4th KUP (blue belt).

The Kids

The kids are the "why" behind the "what" and act as a driver to succeed at what Carol and Steve do. They also act to drive them up the wall, but that's a different story! They are very good at helping to prepare letters to landlords by folding and putting letters into envelopes, and sticking on the stamps.

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